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Happy 4th of July

Jul 4, 2022 | Community, General wellbeing

Elly Francisco

Elly Francisco

Three American flag and wooden boards

I woke up this morning with a prayer on my lips and in my heart. It is a little far afield from the typical RDHAP Connect blog posts, but no less heartfelt. I pray that on this day July 4, every inhabitant of these United States of America can find one thing we have in common with someone who is different from us. I say inhabitants for a reason. We are not all citizens. Every person who lives here has a role to play and is part of the fabric of American life. We each have a heart, a soul, and an opinion.

Opinions are just that. We each think we are right on any given topic at any given time. The fact is, every topic has at least two sides, some have many sides. A couple of weeks ago I began thinking of the significance of the 4th of July. On this date in 1776, thirteen colonies voiced their Independence from British rule. I even went back and read the Declaration of Independence this morning. I considered the inequities and conditions that led the colonists to make the monumental decision to split from their British roots. It was their opinion that breaking away was the best thing. Of course, King George III of England thought the opposite.

At this moment in time I feel like the fabric of our nation is being torn apart and the United States of America is on the verge of destruction. I don’t want July 4, 2022 be the last day we celebrate our independence from Britain and the first year we consider independence from each other. I could envision this nation moving toward four or five separate countries. What a sad moment that would be.

Let’s be kind to one another. Celebrate the 246th year of our nation. Celebrate each other.

I say this like it is easy. It is hard. I struggle to listen to opposing opinions and find some common ground with others. I have the tendency to isolate myself more and more from those who don’t think like me. However, this is a slippery slope. Even my family, spouse, and best friends have different opinions on some things. What a sad, lonely world it would be if we only surrounded ourselves with the people who thought just like us. In fact, we would probably be alone.

I would love to end this with don’t shoot off fireworks, don’t scare all the animals, share your food with your elderly and less fortunate neighbors, and I could go on. But again, I have to put my money where my mouth is. Have fun. Be kind. Let’s all consider moving toward a kinder, inclusive nation.

Happy 4th of July.

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