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What is an RDHAP?
A registered dental hygienist in alternative practice or RDHAP is licensed to provide dental hygiene care to those with limited access to care in the traditional dental office setting. An RDHAP is licensed to practice in the state of California only.

If you have ever had your teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist or RDH, you may know that the RDH must work for a dentist. Registered dental hygienists in alternative practice can work:

  • in their own office setting.

They can also take their mobile practice to the patients in:

  • residences or care homes
  • residential care facilities, nursing homes, and other settings
  • schools

All RDHAPs in California are licensed through the Dental Hygiene Board of California.
Click here if you wish to check for your provider’s current license.

What can an RDHAP do?
We can provide many services, including:

  • oral cancer assessment
  • periodontal health assessment
  • dental health assessment
  • consultation with dentists and physicians regarding patient general and dental health
  • preventive dental cleanings
  • periodontal therapy: root planings and periodontal maintenance
  • pit and fissure sealants
  • fluoride application
  • caring for children in school settings
  • oral health education for patients, family, and facility staff
  • nutritional counseling

We can also provide oral health education to groups.