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Frequently Asked Questions

Can an RDHAP provide oral hygiene services in my home?
Yes. An RDHAP can see a patient with health or mobility issues in the the privacy of your own home.

Can an RDHAP clean teeth for my mom in a long term care facilities?
RDHAPs visit patients in skilled nursing facilities, long term care, and even hospital settings. Our license gives us the ability to see patients who cannot visit the dental office easily.

Can an RDHAP set up a practice at my children’s school?
Yes. Ask the school nurse or administrator to contact us. We can refer them to an RDHAP who can set up a mobile office and provide cleanings, sealants, and fluoride treatment for kids in low income schools.

What is the difference between an RDH and an RDHAP?
The RDHAP goes through additional education and earns a license from the state of California that allows him or her to work without the restrictions of being in a dental office.

Are there RDHAPs in every state?
Almost every state in the USA has advanced dental hygiene providers. Only in California are they called Registered Dental Hygienists in Alternative Practice or RDHAPs.

Do RDHAPs accept insurance? Each practice is different. Please ask your RDHAP provider.

I am healthy and able to get to my dentist’s office. Can I have an RDHAP clean my teeth at my home?
No. Our license allows us to see patients who are in what is called the dentally underserved community only. These are patients who have medical, physical, mobility, or financial reasons they cannot access dental hygiene care like the average healthy patient can.