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Resource | Living with Disabilities

Mar 18, 2024 | Community, Special Health Care Needs

Nicole Bolinger

Nicole Bolinger

Hello all! This is Elly. I want to share a special magazine/resource with you all. Exceptional Parent is a magazine written by those affected by disabilities in life. I say, affected, not to infer a negative experience, but to describe this special experience in life. The articles are primarily written by people with a disability, family members sharing their experiences, and professionals who serve these clients.

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The stories written by those with a disability open a window into the unique experiences that only they can know and share. I learned so much about what they are feeling, how they handle adversity, and how they are affected by their struggles and successes. Listening to their stories helps me, as a healthcare provider, better understand how to relate to them and provide the best care. I am always inspired.

Family members share their struggles and blessings from their perspective. Each article I read gives me insight into better ways to engage family members and the client as we embark on strategies to improve oral health as a team.   

Articles written by care providers tend to show our shortcomings; what we didn’t learn in school and the lessons we learn from our clients and each other. On this topic, teaching future healthcare providers to work with patients with special healthcare needs of any kind is a tricky business. We are in school, which is a full life already. We may have opportunities to treat patients with different abilities, but we cannot be exposed to them all. There is always a disease, condition, or limitation we have never heard of or been exposed to.

I love this magazine. Check it out. Read of the many journeys through illness, injury, and disease these folks and their loved ones navigate. You can go to the archive and see the topics and past magazines. Enjoy!

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