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Member Spotlight | Ruth Reich Chandler, RDHAP

Feb 20, 2024 | Community, Diabetes, Direct Access Dental Hygienist, Member Spotlight, Nutrition, Older Persons, Oral Health, Oral Systemic Link

Nicole Bolinger

Nicole Bolinger

One of the perks of being a member of RDHAP Connect is being featured in a member spotlight on our website and social media pages. Today we’re spotlighting Ruth Reich Chandler, RDHAP.

My name is Ruth and have been a proud hygienist for nearly 42 years.  I graduated from Dental Hygiene school at Cypress College in 1982.  I have been a full-time Clinical RDH, a Dental Hygiene Consultant traveling across the country teaching Comprehensive Periodontal Care, and currently a Treatment Coordinator in my dental office of over 30 years, in sunny southern CA. 

Ruth Reich Chandler, RDHAP, RDHAP Connect.

I have been particularly drawn to the elder population, especially those that are now dependent on others to assist with their oral care, due to their declining health. I graduated as an RDHAP in 2014 from West LA College, and began my Part-time, mobile dental hygiene Practice, caring for homebound elders in their homes, assisted living and nursing homes. Caring for these patients is so rewarding, especially because the caregivers and the families of the patients are very thankful for the assistance.  They want to do what’s best for their loved one, but the logistics of getting them to a traditional dental office is difficult and sometimes overwhelming to the patient. Caregivers and the medical community also have a lack of knowledge of oral health and it’s connection to overall health and well-being of the patient. 

I became a member of the National Network of Healthcare Hygienists and hold a Certificate as an Oral Systemic Educator. It is important to me to teach patients and caregivers, the link between oral care and their systemic health, but also to be able to collaborate better with M.D.’s and NP’s, helping to bridge the gap between medicine and dentistry.

Ruth Reich Chandler, RDHAP, RDHAP Connect

My practice “Red Riding Dental Hygiene” has been serving the Orange County area since 2015. It is fee-for-service, however I am a Delta Provider, and I will bill Dental claims for patients as a courtesy.  I will provide dental hygiene services and a dental assessment, and inform the family, Dentist or M.D. with a report. I typically see a patient on a closer interval, 2-3 months.  If the patient is in further need of restorative or emergency dental care, I will refer them to several mobile dentists. I have plans to continue my business full-time once I retire from my beloved dental office family.

Being an RDHAP is so rewarding. It allows me to serve a wonderful generation while being my own boss!





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