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Member Spotlight | Rose Johnson, RDHAP

Jul 3, 2023 | Community, Direct Access Dental Hygienist, Member Spotlight, Oral Hygiene, Schools

Elly Francisco

Elly Francisco

One of the perks of being a member of RDHAP Connect is being feathered in a member spotlight on our website and social media pages. Today we’re spotlighting Rose Johnson, RDHAP.

Elly Francisco, RDHAP and creator of RDHAP Connect interviewed Rose about her practice and years of experience. Follow their conversation below!

Rose Johnson, RDHAP, RDHAP Connect
Rose Johnson, RDHAP

Elly: Tell us a little about yourself. Where is your practice? Where did you attend dental hygiene school and take your RDHAP training?

Rose: I am Rose Johnson. My profession: RDHAP. I graduated from Fresno City College as an RDH and attended the RDHAP Program at the University of the Pacific Arthur Dugoni School of Dentistry, San Francisco, CA. As an RDHAP, I practice with Sourire Dental, Redding, Ca. I also work for Chico Modern Dentistry.

 Elly: Wait. What? I don’t know the name Sourire.

Rose: It means Smile in French.

Elly: Very cool. Thanks. What made you decide to become an RDHAP?

Rose: When I worked for IHS/ Indian Health and Services, I saw so many children. Older adults had to wait for so long to get care, because of transportation, location too far, and too many grandmas caring for their children and grandchildren. I decided to become an RDHAP. No one helped me financially. I paid for it myself.

 Elly: What type of RDHAP practice do you have? Do you practice where the patients live, work, or go to school? Do you have a free-standing office? How does your practice model help increase a person’s ability to achieve good oral health?

Rose: I have a mobile practice that will go to your house and provide dental care; especially preventive care. I can go to schools, homes, nursing homes. I have a mobile chair, suction, packed in a car and will come to you. There will be no obstacle to having your oral care achieves.

 Elly: What do you do if you find your dental hygiene patient needs to see a dentist for care?

Rose: Before treating you, I confer with a Dentist who will diagnose your oral health and prescribe oral preventive care. 

 Elly: How do your patients pay for your services?

Rose: Patients will be paying cash for care or Medi-Cal insurance will be filed.

 Elly: Once you complete their dental hygiene care, then what?

Rose: Aftercare, patients will be scheduled for continuing care, and referrals will be sent to the dentist close by or assigned if they don’t have one.

 Elly: Is there anything else you would like to share with patients, family members, or other health professionals who care for people who can’t care for themselves?

Rose: To any health professionals: if you are finding patients who are homebound, isolated, with no one to transport them just call me: 530 -215 -634. or email: rose88801.rj@gmail.com

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