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Nicole Bolinger

Nicole Bolinger

One of the perks of being a member of RDHAP Connect is being featured in a member spotlight on our website and social media pages. Today we’re spotlighting April Durant, RDHAP. Read below to learn more about her and her amazing practice!

Member Spotlight , April Durant, RDHAP

Hello, RDHAP community! I am April Durant, owner of Brightwork Dental Hygiene. I am based out of beautiful Long Beach, California, and started my mobile practice in 2021. After witnessing the aftermath of the COVID pandemic, I couldn’t help but notice my patients in private practice were not making it for their usually anticipated recall appointments. Some of them were too afraid to leave their homes and for many, it had been too hard to return to the office without the help of caretakers and family. Feeling I needed to do more than office prophys, I made the leap to become an RDHAP.

I must say it was not an easy decision to start an RDHAP practice. With an infant and a toddler at home, my time is valuable. It requires a lot of financial sacrifice, and the road was not easily paved. However, with a heart to help those in need, I knew it was the right decision.

My practice is dedicated to reaching patients in their homes and facilities. Many of my patients come from referrals from home health agencies and through relentless assisted living networking. Upon appointment request, I try to get as much information as possible on each patient before I see them. Not only do I request medical and dental histories, but I also inquire about their social situations, things that they love to talk about, pets they may have, etc. I am being invited into their homes as a guest, and I make sure I let them know that this is a safe and comforting time for them. For many, this appointment isn’t just a teeth cleaning, it is a rare social interaction and an interaction that brings them memories from their days of being young and able-bodied. For many of my patients, getting their teeth cleaned is a treasure that is greatly appreciated by them, and I aim to reciprocate that feeling.

Member Spotlight, April Durant, RDHAP

Something that I pride myself on at Brightwork Dental Hygiene is my ability to take radiographs on patients as needed. If there is a problem that needs to be addressed, I am able to take both intraoral photos and radiographs to send to a dentist for diagnosis and proper treatment. This eliminates unnecessary trips to the dentist that can be stressful and costly to the patients. Also, this provides me, the hygienist, peace of mind knowing that I am treating the patient fully and not causing any further harm or neglect.

I focus on quality over quantity with my patients, which makes it difficult to make a profit. That being said, I am a cash-based practice. I have patients I see as needed, others on a strict recall, and some that I have made weekly visits for tooth brushing and oral care. Every appointment is personalized to very specific needs and is never “routine”. This is what I love about being an RDHAP. I would love to help other RDHAPs reach a level of success and fulfillment that suits their own unique purpose and am proud to be a part of this profession. I hope to someday build my practice, but for now, I am focusing on my love for dental hygiene and maintaining time to raise my beautiful family. 

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