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Jun 5, 2024 | Direct Access Dental Hygienist, Marketing your Practice

Nicole Bolinger

Nicole Bolinger

Last week RDHAP Connect received a phone call from a woman trying to find an RDHAP to provide dental hygiene care for her mother who is living in a care facility. She had been referred by In Motion Dentists. I was able to connect her with a couple of RDHAPs listed on our website.

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A couple of weeks ago I received a call from a woman in the desert east of San Bernardino who was looking for an RDHAP to care of her daughter’s oral health. 

These are not isolated occurrences. I regularly receive calls from people who have been referred by their dental office, who are not able to see their loved ones and care providers in nursing facilities. 

When a person calls RDHAP Connect looking for a provider, I typically find out where they live, open the appropriate map, and cast a virtual net around the area. I will always give the person the name of 2 to 3 RDHAPs in the area. I don’t discuss fees, available dates, or any other information other than what each of these RDHAPs has shared on the website. The person will connect with these clinicians, finding out who best meets their needs. There is never a cost to those looking for your services.   

RDHAP Connect works. If you have not been called by a person who has been referred by RDHAP Connect, it is because you are not on our list of providers. I am thankful for the RDHAPs who have put their trust in us to spread the word about their practices. The people who use this service to find care for their loved ones are also extremely thankful for our service and the competent RDHAPs they connect with.

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RDHAP Connect came to be because we saw the huge gap between who an RDHAP is and how to find one. Closing the gap takes time and the efforts of all oral health providers working together to meet the needs of the physically and cognitively challenged person. Many more people can use our care than there are RDHAPs to care for them. These potential clients simply need to be able to find you!

Our goal is to have RDHAPs listed on our website from every corner of the state. In fact, if you are a practicing RDHAP, go to your area map on the RDHAP Connect website. If there is no provider in the area, we can help you find patients! Someone is looking. Let us be the connection and help you expose your practice to those in your community.

If you are interested in learning more check out our subscribe page and/or please email me, Elena at info@rdhapconnect.com with any questions!

RDHAP Connect is spreading our wings this summer and attending several non-dental events to share the scope of RDHAP practice and how we can help Californians find an RDHAP. If you are in the CDHA House of Delegates in San Jose in June, please stop by and say Hello. 


Elena Francisco, Founder-RDHAP Connect

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