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Member Spotlight | Travis Tramel, Ph.D., MS, RDHAP

Nov 29, 2023 | Community, Direct Access Dental Hygienist, Member Spotlight

Nicole Bolinger

Nicole Bolinger

One of the perks of being a member of RDHAP Connect is being featured in a member spotlight on our website and social media pages. Today we’re spotlighting  Travis Tramel, Ph.D, MS, RDHAP

Travis Tramel, Phd, MS, RDHAP, RDHAP Connect, Member spotlight.

Travis told us all about a little about himself and why he became an RDHAP!

Greetings and good health, RDHAP family! I am Travis Tramel, owner of GeriSmiles Mobile Dental Hygiene Practice and author

of the children’s book, “Sam Saves His Smile”. After nearly 15 years of practicing dental hygiene and working in the traditional office setting, I felt the need to fulfill my passion for holistic dentistry. I obtained my RDHAP license and soon founded GeriSmiles in 2015 out of Riverside, California, bringing dental professionals and mental health awareness into schools, health fairs, churches, and homeless shelters. Being able to practice outside of the office while bringing preventative services directly to patients in need is the satisfaction I was longing to discover.

I’ve always had a strong desire to be a noteworthy resource to my patients, dedicated to promoting a message of hope and healing through dentistry. I was raised in Georgia with a loving family, faithful to serving our community.

I want to help children and adults all over the world understand how a healthy diet, healthy teeth, and a clear mind are all connected. In practicing dental hygiene, we all have seen what a poor diet and lack of self-care can do to one’s teeth and overall health. My goal is to raise awareness of the benefits of good nutritional habits, dental hygiene, and mental health.

I illustrate the importance of a healthy diet in “Sam Saves His Smile”. Sam’s food choices affect his attitude and how he treats others (which is understandable but may not always be obvious to children). Making children aware of how food affects not only their teeth but also their moods is essential. I strive to help children pay attention to how they treat their bodies in hopes of boosting morale and a lifetime of healthy living.

In serving the community through the efforts of GeriSmiles and my work as a Clinical Christian Counselor, I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with several school districts throughout Riverside, San Bernardino, and Los Angeles counties, partner with many organizations, and serve the geriatric and less fortunate communities. I have the pleasure of being a collaborator with the Kindergarten Oral Health Assessment of California, as well as an Oral Health Consultant with Wellness, Equity and Alliance, and California School-Based Health Alliance.

Mental, physical, and dental health are all serious matters to me, and at GeriSmiles we will continue to uplift those in need of oral health care at no cost. I pride myself on sharing the Word of God through health, wellness, and a welcoming smile!

You can find out more about Travis and his Practice at www.gerismilesfoundation.org

Purchase a copy of Travis’ book, “Sam Saves His Smile” HERE!

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