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Member Spotlight | Jan Ochs, RDHAP

Jan 17, 2024 | Community, Direct Access Dental Hygienist, Member Spotlight, Older Persons

Nicole Bolinger

Nicole Bolinger

Hello, and Happy New Year!

My name is Jan Ochs, and I am a registered Dental Hygienist & RDHAP (Registered Dental Hygienist Alternative Practice).

Jan ochs, rdhap, rdhap connect

I have worked in Dentistry for 35 years.  I grew up in a family of Dentists and Hygienists and started my career as a Dental Assistant in San Diego.  I moved to LA to attend the USC Dental Hygiene program and graduated in 1989.  

Being a dental hygienist has provided me with a great job with flexible hours, which was important as we raised 3 children.  Roughly 10 years ago I decided to pursue a certificate in RDHAP which enabled me to serve the elderly and individuals who are not able to get out to a dental office for service.  

There is a huge need for this service, as so many elderly and individuals with disabilities do not have enough access to dental care in their homes.  I am glad I am providing this service to support families and individuals and enjoy my relationships with my patients, their families, and caretakers.  Overall, this has been a very rewarding experience on so many levels. I look forward to seeing my patients and taking care of their oral hygiene needs regularly in their homes or at their bedsides.

jan ochs, rdhap, rdhap connect

I have been providing this service in the Inland Empire area since 2012.  If I see a patient who needs additional dental care from a dentist, I have several referral dentists I provide to the family so they can follow up and take care of what is needed.

Most of my patients pay for my services at time of visit.  I am also a Delta Dental provider and have helped families with Insurance billing for my service.  Typically, families set up recall visits for their loved ones on a 4-month cycle, and they appreciate the notes I send them after each visit.  

This is a great service and one of my biggest challenges is making sure families know this is available for their loved ones. 

For more information, about Jan Ochs and her rdhap practice, please check out her website at https://janmarierdhap.weebly.com/ or email her at  Jankevinochs@msn.com

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